Sealant and limescale

Banish discoloured sealant and unsightly limescale

Dealing with deteriorating sealant and stubborn limescale can be frustrating and time-consuming but fret not. Eco Chameleon is here to provide effective solutions and expert guidance to restore the brilliance of your bathroom. Whether you’re struggling with mouldy or discoloured sealant lines or battling unsightly limescale build-up, we are the team to bring your bathroom back to its former glory with our sealant and limescale removal service. 

How does our sealant and limescale removal service work?

Our team is always ready and prepared to perform a sealant and limescale removal service. On the day, we will bring with us a variety of tools and equipment to help us complete your job quickly and efficiently. 

To begin with, we will assess your shower or bath area to ensure there are no blown tiles or cracked grout in the area. We then apply our own specially formulated, chrome friendly limescale remover to all the affected areas and remove any caddies, shower heads and hoses (wherever possible) so they can be soaked for at least 30 minutes in our limescale remover. 

Using our own techniques, we will start to remove the limescale from more delicate areas by hand. Depending on the amount of limescale, this process can take a long time, and we may need to reapply the product more than once depending on the thickness of the limescale that has built up. 

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Our bathroom cleaning process

Using our equipment, we will remove all the limescale from your tiles and grout before rinsing everything and applying our cleaning solution, which is left for 20 minutes, to ensure maximum penetration. We then scrub and rinse the grout. 

The team will dry everything thoroughly and remove the sealant from its frames – this can be time-consuming as it doesn’t always come away easily! Once the sealant is removed, we will clean under the frame and in the joints with our commercial steam cleaner, which pushes all the mould and grim build-up from deep inside the frame. 

Every area is dried and polished to achieve a high shine, and we will then apply new silicon, sealant and mastic.

The mould found within your grout can generally be completely removed or significantly lightened during our cleaning process to a standard that many of our customers are very happy with and do not need additional services. With our sealant and limescale removal service, your bathroom will be ready to use again after just 24 hours! Book this service today. 

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