Wait What! Is that a new shower cubicle? No, we just make your old one look like new!

Welcome to Eco Chameleon, where we believe in the transformative power of bathroom rejuvenation. Choosing to rejuvenate your bathroom with us is a smart and cost-effective alternative to a complete replacement. Why go through the hassle of tearing out your entire bathroom when you can breathe new life into your existing bathroom?

At Eco-Chameleon, our philosophy is simple. To provide each of our customers with a bathroom they can be proud of. We love nothing more than transforming a tired old bathroom back to its former glory with our bathroom rejuvenation services. Our bathroom restoration technicians are skilled in sealant application, regrouting, grout colour restoring and blown shower tiles repairs from water damage . We are all driven by a desire to reduce the need to rip out and throw away a bathroom suite if it can be restored.

Choose Eco Chameleon for your bathroom rejuvenation and let us unveil the hidden potential of your existing space. Experience the joy of a beautifully refreshed bathroom without the unnecessary costs and inconvenience. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey that will leave you delighted with the results.

Why replace when you can rejuvenate?

Bathroom rejuvenation allows you to save time and money. Our expert team of professionals specialises in transforming your existing space into a stunning oasis without the need for extensive construction. By utilising our comprehensive network of trusted and highly skilled tradespeople, we ensure that every aspect of your bathroom receives the attention it deserves. From refreshing the fixtures and fittings to updating the colour scheme and adding modern touches, we can create a whole new look and feel that suits your style and budget.

Rejuvenating your bathroom minimises disruption to your daily life. We understand that your time is precious, and the thought of enduring weeks of construction can be overwhelming. With our rejuvenation services, you can enjoy the benefits of a transformed bathroom in a fraction of the time. In most cases, your bathroom will be usable within 24 hours, allowing you to get back to your routine swiftly. Our streamlined process and attention to detail ensure that the rejuvenation experience is seamless, hassle-free, and tailored to your specific needs.

Our passion to reuse, restore and repair is driven by our love for the environment and a wish to minimise our negative impact on the world. It’s why we source and utilise as many eco-friendly cleaning products, building materials and furnishings as possible. At every step, we are aware of the connections between people and our planet. At Eco-Chameleon, we are all about nature-inspired living.

Why choose Eco Chameleon?

Why spend a fortune on a complete bathroom renovation when you can choose us? We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service and boast a friendly, approachable team. With our extensive network of trustworthy and highly skilled tradespeople, we can connect you with the best professionals in the industry. Even if we don’t have all the answers to your construction needs, we know someone who does.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple tradespeople and disrupting your busy schedule. Our services offer a hassle-free bathroom transformation by combining multiple trades into one convenient package. We understand the challenges of finding and coordinating different experts while trying to manage your hectic life. But worry not; we’ve got you covered.

By choosing Eco Chameleon, you can say NO to the upheaval and exorbitant costs associated with a brand-new bathroom. Our Bathroom Rejuvenation service ensures that your bathroom is usable within 24 hours in most cases. Imagine waking up the next day to a beautifully refreshed and fully functional bathroom.

Don’t let the stress of a bathroom renovation dampen your spirits. Experience the magic of our rejuvenation services and discover a whole new level of convenience. Contact us today to book your transformation and unlock the potential of your bathroom.

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