Grout and shower repairs

Do you need regrouting and repairs? How to tell if you need regrouting

If you have obvious holes or cracks in your bathroom grout, your grout leaves a chalky or powdery residue when you run a finger across it, or your bathroom grout is significantly corroded, have cracks, holes or mould grown deep in to the grout then you will likely require our regrouting or blown tiles repairs service. Normally, if your grout is in one or more of the above conditions, it’s highly likely that you will also require repair to your shower wall. If your tiles are blown (they are no longer attached to the wall and move if you push against them), they will also need to be repaired. 

There may be hidden damage to your shower cubicle or bathtub area. If you have holes or cracks in your grout, further damage may not be visible. As part of our grout and repairs service, our team will inspect for further damage, including blown or cracked tiles that are being held on by existing grout or sealant. We will let you know if further work is required to restore your bathroom to its former glory. 

How does our regrouting and blown shower tile repairs service work?

If you see obvious signs of unstable tiles, you will require our regrouting and repairs service for shower cubicles and bathtub areas. If your grout or sealant has deteriorated, water will have been allowed to leak behind your tiles for an unknown length of time, causing your walls to crumble or become saturated. This can be seen by the tiles lifting away from the wall. 

To repair the damage, all the sealant and grout will have to be removed from the shower cubicle or bathtub area. Any unstable or damaged tiles will also be removed along with the sealant and grout. The affected wall will be dried out, treated and repaired. Please note that this can be a lengthy process of between 2-5 days.  We will always attempt to save your tiles by cleaning them and removing the adhesive so we can restore using your existing tiles. You may require a dehumidifier to help the process (one will be provided if required).  

The Eco Chameleon team will start by opening the affected wall and removing all the unstable tiles from the area. Whilst the area starts to dry out (with the help of a dehumidifier, if required), we will remove all the excess adhesive and old grout from the tiles. Once the shower has dried out and wall been, we will treat and repair the damaged wall behind before tanking the wall with waterproofing and replacing the tiles. We will apply the sealant and grout once the tiles are back in place. 

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Each stage in this service needs drying time and can leave your shower unusable for up to 10 days whilst we allow the grout and adhesive to dry completely. 

We recommend booking this service along with the sealant and limescale removal package for the best results.

Please note that, on occasion, some tiles cannot be saved. However, we will always try our best to use existing ones wherever possible. This is why we request the use of any spare tiles or the manufacturer’s name so we can replace your unusable tiles. If you do not know the manufacturer’s name, we can replace it on a like-for-like. However, there is no guarantee of a perfect colour match if you don’t have the exact details of your original tiles.

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How to identify blown tiles

To identify unstable or blown tiles, there are various methods you can try: 

  • When you look at your tiles, can you see a bow in the wall?
  • When you apply pressure to any of the tiles (start with the bottom few rows), are they moving under pressure?
  • Are some of your tiles no longer flush with the adjoining tiles? (Please note this can sometimes be down to craftsmanship rather than an underlying issue).
  • Do you have cracked, flaky or powdery grout when you run your finger across it?

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