Providing us with the best grout colour match for your bathroom

At Eco Chameleon, we understand that you want every part of your bathroom to look perfect and having a grout colour that is just slightly mismatched to the rest of your bathroom suite could leave you feeling less than happy. When we carry out many of our extensive bathroom rejuvenation services, we will often remove much of the grout affected by mould or limescale and look to replace it. To do this effectively, we need to know the colour of your existing grout so we can get the closest (if not perfect) grout colour match. 

Eco Chameleon recommends providing us with the name of the colour or the reference on the side of the coloured sample stick. Eco Chameleon keep a supply of white and cream sealant, but other colour matches will have to be purchased separately. 

We have provided a list of silicon colours for your reference below:

The silicone sealant we use contains a fungicide to resist mould growth and joint movement capability of +20%. The sealant is water, mould and heat resistant (of up to 150C). It can be used on baths, showers, basins and sanitaryware.

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